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At M.S. Electrical Engineers, we specialise in providing a wide range of electrical services to the people of Northfield and the rest of Birmingham. Whether you have had a new domestic building constructed, or need an existing property rewiring, M.S. Electrical Engineers have the experience to bring some light into your home.


Rewiring your home is essential to the safety of the building. The wiring in your house must be able to carry the required voltage to its appliance, and over time your wiring can become damaged resulting in potential health risks. Whether you have an old domestic building or have had a new build constructed, it is vital that the wiring in your home is up to scratch. At M.S. Electrical Engineers in Northfield, Birmingham we can completely rewire your property, whether it is a new build or old.

Blown Fuses

Fuses act as a safety feature to stop a surge of electricity from causing damage to your property and any electrical appliances that you have. As such, any surge could cause one of the fuses to blow. Whilst this is a positive in terms of stopping any damage to your home, it does mean that the fuse will need to be replaced! At M.S. Electrical Engineers in Northfield, Birmingham, we can replace any blown fuses in your domestic property, and we can also fit a consumer unit if required.

Tripped Fuse Boards

There are a number of reasons that your fuse board can trip, for example, a broken electrical appliance can cause a trip, as can having too many appliances plugged in. At M.S. Electrical Engineers, we can find out the cause of your tripped fuse board and then fix the problem. Additionally, we can repair or replace your old fuse board with a modern, reliable consumer unit. Consumer units are very useful as they operate in a similar manner to fuse boards, however, they have a switch that trips whenever there is an electrical overload. This means that with a consumer unit you do not have to replace any blown fuses.

New, Additional and Alterations to Circuits

When it comes to the electrical setup of your domestic property it is essential that all of the electrical circuits are able to carry the required voltage to the necessary appliances. Whether you have had a newly built domestic property or you are having some refurbishment work done on an older build, M.S. Electrical have the expertise and the experience to make sure that your electrical circuits are in working order and are able to carry the current to the required appliance.

Household Appliances

Whether you have a new washing machine or a new oven, any electrical appliances must be fitted in your home by a professional electrician. This is because any electrical household appliances that are improperly installed could cause damage to the appliance, or potentially to the property itself; costing you more money in the long run. At M.S. Electrical Engineers in Northfield, Birmingham, we can correctly install any electrical household appliance that you have, and make sure it is working properly.

Fault Finding

On occasion, the electricity in your domestic property can turn off without an obvious or apparent reason. If this happens, it is vital that you contact a professional electrician and have them visit your home in order to ascertain what the issue is, and then fix it. At M.S. Electrical Engineers in Northfield, Birmingham we can come to your property at any time to check what the fault is and fix the problem.

If you are looking for a professional, fully qualified electrician to install any electrical appliance in your domestic property, or to fix any electrical issue that you may have in Northfield and the rest of Birmingham, then M.S. Electrical has you covered. Give us a call today on 01214601123 or 07837078370, or send us a message through our contact page to see what we can do for you.

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