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Commercial Electrical Services in West Midlands, Birmingham

Here at M.S. Electrical Engineers, we cover a wide range of electrical services for any commercial building in Northfield or anywhere else in Birmingham. As a fully qualified electrical company, we know just how important lighting, electrical appliances and door locking systems can be to the running of your company. This is why, as a company, we are committed to providing our customers with a safe and professional service that you can rely on to keep your property properly lit and hazard free!


Door Entry Systems and Locks

When it comes to making sure that your commercial property - and any staff you may have - are safe, it is vital that you have some external and internal door entry system. Particularly with a business, it is important that your doors have secure locks that can only be opened by authorised staff members. There are a few different forms of door entry systems that we can install on any property in Northfield, Birmingham.

Stand-Alone Locks

One the most common types of electronic locks used in offices, stockrooms and dealerships, stand-alone locks can be accessed through either a keycard or a code that is entered into a keypad. This form of door entry system is very quick to install and can be up and running on the same day as installation. Any lost keycards are also easy to cancel and replace in-house. At M.S. Electrical Engineers we can also repair any stand-alone locks by fixing or replacing any broken parts.

Proximity Reader

Similarly to stand-alone locks, proximity readers are commonly used in office buildings to allow staff access to secured rooms. Also similarly to some stand-alone locks, proximity readers require a keycard to access. However, one of the major differences is that the sensor of proximity reader is that it is able to register the presence of a keycard from several feet away. This is extremely useful as it means that your commercial property is safe whilst not being a hindrance to your staff. It also saves your staff time by not having to rummage through bags and coats looking for their keycard - and as they say, time is money! Replacement parts and cards are easy to set up and can be up and running within a matter of minutes.

Biometric Systems

Arguably the most secure form of door entry system, biometric door locks require a fingerprint, hand print or retinal scan in order to gain access to the property. Whilst this form of lock is the most secure, it does also mean that a lot of time can be spent allowing the access of different staff members individually. As such, a biometric door lock system doesn’t suit a building that sees a high amount of footfall

Emergency Light Testing

Emergency lighting is an integral part of any business property. Acting as a visual indicator, they aid the evacuation of your commercial building in the case of an emergency. Just like all other electrical appliances, your emergency lighting needs to be tested for any faults or damages, and to make sure that they comply with all current codes of practice for emergency lighting (BS 5266-1). It is also vital that any emergency lighting is connected to an independent power source in order to make sure that they will continue to work even during a blackout.

Earth Continuity Tests

Here at M.S. Electrical Engineers in Northfield, Birmingham, we can perform earth continuity tests on a variety of electrical appliances to make sure that the insulation around the device is not damaged in any way. Any electrical equipment that is not properly insulated can be a serious health risk, and as such, should be checked by a professional electrician. An incorrectly earthed appliance can be deadly if handled in an improper manner.

Whether you are in need of a new door entry and lock system, new emergency lighting installing, or earth continuity test completing in Northfield, Birmingham, then looks no further than M.S. Electrical Engineers. Give us a call on 01214601123 or 07837078370, or send us a message through our contact page.

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